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    Social networking integrated with e-commerce.

    A Buegle store is an easy to manage social commerce website that integrates a feature rich e-commerce platform seamlessley with Facebook and Twitter.


    Harness the power of a Buegle store with ease.

    Social networking buttons are built into your product listings so potential customers can share your products with their friends with minimal effort.


    Grow your market organically.

    Every time your product or store is shared or tweeted it is placed in front of new people by someone they know and trust. They may then visit your store and share with their friends too.

    It is possible to reach a huge market with no outlay on traditional advertising.


    You take control.

    You can select your store colour and add your own bespoke banner graphic using your very own store dashboard.

    Here you can also view orders, set up and edit your products and categories, and much more. All with the help of our email and telephone support team.

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